How To Raise Chihuahua Puppies?

chihuahua puppiesChihuahuas are puppies for nearly two years so during this period you must train the puppy to suit your needs and to settle him into your life style.

Food should be readily available as Chihuahuas are picky and slow eaters. [healthy pet food]

Their feeding bowls should be half filled with dry food so that they can eat when they feel and you do not have to chase them around during the day at their random feeding times.

Water should also be readily available at all times. They are usually fed twice a day but if they leave any food, be sure to throw it out and clean the bowl.

Avoid using dishwashing liquids as Chihuahua puppy dislike the fragrance. If the bowl is scented they may not eat the food. Do not leave food overnight as this promotes night feeding, which leads to obesity.

Chihuahuas may suffer from diarrhea if you serve them with doggie snacks, gourmet mixtures and even wet foods. Some times this diarrhea may come about as a result of change of scenery, so be patient.

To control this diarrhea, add slightly wet but well cooked rice to the food. Table scraps are bad for Chihuahuas’ teeth so avoid giving them to him or even leaving them where he can access them. Small stick style raw hide items are good for your puppy’s teeth.

These puppies are shy to eat when residing with a new owner, so try to buy food that they cannot resist such as high protein and low fat dry food.

You may not find the brand that the puppy takes the first time but just keep looking until you find the right brand. Should your puppy experience chewing difficulties, soften the food by adding a cup of water to it but do not make it soggy.

Nutritional supplements may be vitamin poison to your puppy so refrain from implementing them if not advised to do so by the Vet.

To protect your small and fragile puppy, have a good fence that will protect it from violent pets and strays. The pet puppy will enjoy playing and licking your feet so watch where you step and be sure not to crush him.

A leash will be a great way to keep track of him especially when outdoors. Chihuahuas love to play and exercise even though the difference between the two is not obvious.

Exercise with them and spend lots of time just bonding with your puppy. To keep them entertained, buy soft toys and the puppy will teach itself to fetch it and bring it to you. Do not over do it as Chihuahuas easily get exhausted.


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