How To Take Care Of Ear Infections In Pets?

Does your dog or cat shake their heads or rub their ears against furniture frequently? This is not a play of your dog or cat.

Actually, it may imply that your pet is suffering with ear infection.

Even if you notice foul smelling discharge in your pet’s ears, you should immediately take necessary steps, since it is the most common sign of ear infections in pets.

Whenever you notice any signs of ear infection in your pet, as first step you should clean the ear of your pet carefully. Few other solutions to treat ear infections in dog include:

Use vinegar to clean the ears: If you notice that pet’s ears are filled with brownish-pink wax like substance, it implies that your pet has developed yeast infections. Most of the veterinarians recommend using white vinegar to eliminate dirt and debris to clean ears of pets.

Give natural diet: Giving your pet healthy homemade diet helps to boost your pet’s body immune system and prevents recurrent ear infections.

Don’t use oil treatments: Usually most of you use oil treatments to clear ear infection, which cannot treat ear infections completely. However, if you want to use oil for ear infection, clean ears of your pets before you give oil treatment.


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