Chilly Dogs? Try These Tricks To Keep Your Pooch Warm

You’ve poured antifreeze in your car, installed storm windows and had your furnace serviced. But have you winterized the dog for these frosty days?

It’s only fair that your four-footed friends enjoy frolicking in the ice and snow, too.

Dr. Porge Nakovich, director of veterinary medicine at Animal Friends, the no-kill shelter in Ohio Township, Pa., has several suggestions on how to keep your dog warm and healthy in the winter.

“If it’s too cold for a person, it’s probably too cold for a dog,” she says. That’s her guide in determining when she’ll change the routine of her daily walks with her Rottweiler mix, Patches, and her Chihuahua, Taffy.

When she’s freezing herself, she takes shorter walks more frequently. If the temperature drops to zero or below, or the wind chill makes it feel that cold, Nakovich does not take her dogs outside, and she advises that you don’t either.

When leaving her home, she sprays her dogs’ paws with cooking spray. This prevents ice balls from building up between their pads and gives them some protection from the rock salt, too.

When she returns, she washes the dogs’ paws to dissolve any salt that might be on them. She keeps a spray bottle with water at room temperature near the door.

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