How Can You Reduce The Vet Bill?

If you are spending more than what you can afford at the veterinarian’s, then maybe it’s time to think about ways to cut costs even without risking your pet’s wellbeing.

You could make sufficient changes in your pet’s lifestyle and also cut down on some of the vaccinations in the list to save some costs. However, be careful what to cut and what not with some attentive considerations.
What are the figures?

reduce the vet billThe American Pet Products Association recorded that in 2009; at least $12 billion were spent on veterinary expenses by owners. Following this estimation, the vets have started observing a certain downturn, due to which their respective employees have seen salary cuts or hourly cuts. The vets still charge the same.
CEO of the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues, Karen E Felsted, says that vets have seen dwindling incomes because of certain receding trends among pet owners.

Growth in the field has been stunted because of this, she says, and as a result, simply said, owners are just not visiting the vets along with their pets as much as before. She also explained that when many vets have stuck to their higher fees, some have reduced costs, but still, this is a minority. So, owners are forced to think of what to cut from their expenses and what not to.

You could follow these

When you have made a list or are given a list by the vet about inoculations, make sure to enquire which ones are to be administered every year. The others, you can strike off for the following year. Dr Bernadine Cruz, a vet with the Laguna Hills Animal Hospitals, seconds this thought.

Some vaccines remain in the pet’s bloodstream for a longer period and this can be tested through titer. However, if you are going to use titer, calculate to see how much you save compared to the inoculation itself.
Dr Cruz explains that an indoor and lazier pet would be safer than an active and outdoor pet. The latter would have to be looked after better due to increased exposure.

All vets explain that while many measures can be avoided, there are a couple you can’t do without. Even in the face of serious financial crush, it is better to administer the unavoidable medication and vaccine.
Other measures

Dental checks do not always need anaesthesia. Avoiding it can save some money even if the effort may be more. You can even brush your pet’s teeth by yourself and skip dental cleaning.


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