Taking Pets On Vacation In An RV

rvRecreational Vehicles are a great solution if you intend to take your pet with you on vacation.

Some RV’s are extremely well equipped to take care of your pet during your trips, providing all the facilities which you would not normally find in most campsites, camping grounds or when you are off trekking in parks or mountain areas.

There are however a few safety rules you must not neglect when you have a pet with you on vacation. When travelling in a RV with a pet, the usual car safety procedures should be applied.

It is important before you leave for a campsite to make sure they accept pets, and whether there are restrictions in the number or size of the pets. Familiarise yourself with the pet rules of the camping site and what is needed before arrival.

When on vacation with your pet in the RV make sure it gets plenty of water and never lock the pet inside, allow plenty of air to circulate within the vehicle.

Do not tie it with a chain to the RV; it could receive an electrical discharge if the RV’s facilities are not grounded appropriately.

Some RV’s have metal steps that can prove to be dangerous for pets, these have small slits where a pet can catch its claws and get trapped and injured, while using them to get in or out.


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