Help Your Pets To Travel In Style

For you, your pet is family. But it may not always be treated so by hotels, restaurants and places you may visit with your pet. While examining brochures or web sites of hotels where you want to stay for your vacation, you may see pet-tolerant places (obviously, an indication of dislike to some degree) and pet-friendly places.

However, the next time you travel, think about just how comfortable you want to feel when walking into a hotel with your pet by your side. And more importantly, also think how the pet would feel.

pets to travelProbably, hotels and inns have started understanding that owners can be very protective with their pets and so, if they want owners to stay at their hotels, they better make the pet comfortable too.

The choices of pet-friendly hotels are wide and varied these days. In fact, you could rest assured that your pet will be treated royally and enjoy the stay exactly like you and your partner or family are enjoying yourselves.

For instance, the W Hotels Worldwide has adopted a ‘Pets are Welcome’ line. They almost make your cat or dog look like a prized possession, so much that your kids may feel ignored. Your four-legged beauty gets a toy when he/she walks in, food and water waiting in the room, a customized bed and many more treats. Extra rates ensure that even birthday parties can be arranged for your pets.

The Muse Hotel in New York goes a step forward. They offer you all the customized services for your pet, ranging from bed, food, parties, mini bar for the pet and even accessories, all coming within what is called a ‘Pampered Pooch Package’. But wait till you listen to this. There’s Ginger, the Director of Pet Relations to take care of your pet’s woes, and Ginger is a six-year-old Pomeranian. The website carries her pictures and she is a mighty sophisticated lady.

The Benjamin Hotel in New York is more modest. They have trademarked their Dream Dog program. Choose one of three medicated orthopaedic beds for your dog, then there is a special in-house menu of cooked food, there are pet spas and psychology treatment too.

Pets are treated as separate guests often and the hotel makes sure their every need starting from boredom to travel is taken care of, with DVDs, pet taxis, bath products, toys and lots of chow-chow.
This may sound silly to some but these services are enjoyed by many.


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