Grooming Tips For Beagle Dogs

beagle dogBeagle dogs are a special kind of  dog breed, well known for their acute sense of smell and hearing.

As a result, they are commonly used as hunting dogs for tracking.

They also make good family companions as they are a friendly breed of mild temperament, however always full of energy!

Grooming your beagle dog requires you to consider certain aspects if you are to have a healthy pet. Let’s take a look at some of these and see how the beagle dog needs to be treated.

1. Exercise – Due to the large amounts of energy that this breed of dogs has, it is necessary to take him out for walks or hunts.

This will help keep him in tone and will be less likely to cause you problems at home by jumping over the fence and chasing after the neighbors’ cats or following some smell just out of curiosity. Exercise is also important to build stamina and reduce risk of disease.

2. Coat – You need to brush your beagle dogs’ coat almost everyday to remove all the sledded hair. A bath once a week would be also essential as these dogs love to play a lot in grasses, mud and all sorts of places where they can pick up a lot of dirt.

3. Ears – Beagle dogs have fairly long ears thus it’s easy for ticks to attach themselves there and cause infection. You should therefore clean your dog’s ears regularly especially when coming from a walk in a bushy area.

4. Tail – This is another place parasites can easily attach to as beagle dogs have long tails so you should also regularly clean it.

5. Nails – These normally get worn out during play time outdoors, but always make sure you keep your dog’s nails short and clean. This is especially important if he is a family dog so as not to hurt the children.

6. Emotions – Beagle dogs are very emotional. As such, it is important that you talk to them without anger as they are prone to depression.

You can use the time when you groom your dog to bond with him and this will make him more of an obedient pet to you and a loyal friend indeed.

7. Nutrition – In as much as the importance of a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized, beagle dogs are not choosy as to what they eat, so it is up to you to ensure they get a balanced diet, especially a fresh supply of water always.

Dispose of all garbage properly as it is not uncommon for beagle dogs to go through the trash can to cure the munchies. Make sure you do not over feed him as beagle dogs are prone to weight related diseases.


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