Dealing with Pet Shedding in Spring

It’s not just the thawing snow and the flower heads pushing through the ground that tell you that spring is here. Closer to home, clumps of pet hair in the corners also let you know that it is time for spring.

Spring is the major shedding season for cats and dogs, when they shed their warm winter coats for a light summer coat.

Pet Shedding

All breeds of dogs and cats will shed at this time of the year and you are sure to find more of pet hair on your clothes and on the sofas and beds. Shedding is always an issue with pet owners but more so in spring.

There is nothing that you can do to avert this messy ritual but you sure can make it easier on yourself.

Start with regular grooming of your pet. Depending on the breed you may need to brush your pet thoroughly once a week or even once a day. It not just reduces the signs of shedding around the home but also makes the pet’s coat healthier and shinier.

The grooming keeps the pet’s hair from matting as it removes the dead hair. Different coats need different types of brushes and you can consult your vet for advice.

Don’t bathe the dog too often, as it will result in dry and flaky skin. Use a gentle shampoo and a good conditioner to maintain the moisture levels of the pet’s skin. It can be done once in 6-8 weeks.

If you deem it necessary you can also try waterless grooming foams that will help you give the dog a dry wash to get rid of dirt, dander, and dead hair and also help control shedding. You may also take the services of professional saloons to get a hold on the shedding.

Use a pet vacuum regularly in the home to get rid of the pet hair. Regular vacuuming will help keep the home and even the pet’s bed clean of shedding and dander.

Make it a point to use a lint remover for your clothes before leaving home so that you don’t carry your pet’s hair with you.


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