How Expensive Is To Own And Provide For A Pet?

Have you ever thought about the money you are willing to spend for your pet? In case you never thought about it, here are some results of a recent research that show how much we are spending for our puppies in times of economical recession.

Most of the pet owners are willing to spend nearly $500 for vet care, if necessary. The interesting numbers are showing that whenever there is a need of surgery, which can cost around $1000, the percent of owners ready to give the sum are reducing to 35 percent.

The pet owners that are willing to spend $2000 for surgery or other procedure for their pet are only 22 percent.

According to the study, those who are willing to spend $500 form the group of those owners who wouldn’t give thousands of dollars for risk surgery.

They will seek treatment, but if they find out it can cause death, they are most likely not going to spend $5000 for the surgery.

According to the specialists, you can prevent the risk your animals are exposed to as you go for pet insurance. This is a modern guarantee that in times, when you need money for the treatment of your pet, you will have them using this special insurance.

The regular check ups and visit to the vet also reduce the risk of needing expensive treatments.


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