How Much Does the Vet Care Cost for Cats?

Having a pet means having a lot of responsibilities. There are numerous people who get a pet, for example a cat. When they accept to own the pet they are unaware of all the efforts that they will have to make.

Besides the day-to-day care, the animal also needs a lot of other things, like food and litter in order to be happy, and like it or not, all these things have a price.

Cat Care CostsIn case you are on a tight budget, this might not be the perfect moment to think about getting a cat.

The things that a regular cat needs include food, safe environment, neutering or spray, core vaccinations and also emergency vet care.

If you would like to find out the exact numbers, then you should know that the food of a cat costs about $9- $12 a month. The price of the litter box might vary starting with $6, but it might be as high as $200 in case you opt for the ones that are self cleaning.

The litter costs about $19, and it should be enough for two months for one cat.

The neutering of a cat will cost about $45 while the spray is a little more expensive, around $ 70. In the case of a private vet the prices might be higher: $60 per neuter and $115 per spray.

In case of a cat the core vaccinations are extremely important, so that the cat won’t get sick and this might cost about $80 in the first year, naturally the prices might vary.

You should also take the cat to annual examinations, and this might run from $60 to about $125 depending on the facility that you choose.

It might be wise to create a fund for the animal care and to have about $1000-$2000 on a card for the expenses related to the pet.


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