Top 5 Most Essential Dog-Training Apps

Having a dog as a pet is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Dogs are extremely loving, caring, protective and smart animals. But in order to teach them obedience and good manners, it is important to train them right from the beginning.

You must teach your dog to follow instructions, understand which command means what and to behave in front of guests. This can either be done by hiring a dog trainer or by downloading mobile phone apps. Yes, there are several amazing dog-training apps that you can download in order to train your pet easily. The top 5 of these have been listed below.

Puppy Coach 101

This app will help you teach your puppy or dog some important things like coming when called, crate training and house training.  This is a paid app which makes use of high quality video and involves easy-to-follow steps for training.  This app can be downloaded on iOS devices.

Dog Tricks and Bark Machine

This app consists of a rich library of dog training tips and tricks that can help you control your dog and train it. This app helps avoid common dog behavior problems like barking unnecessarily, jumping and digging. This app is useful for all dog-ages and is also a paid one.

Pet Acoustics

pet acoustics

Many types of research works show that music therapy works very effectively on dogs. Music has a relaxing and calming effect on dogs and this is what this app promises.  This app is ideal for those pet owners who own anxious pets. The music supported by this app can soothe your anxious pet and may make training easy for you.

Dog Trainer Pro

dog trainer proThis app enables you to become a good dog trainer by teaching values of good behavior, teaching discipline, teaching how to follow commands and includes two free books as well.


This is a free of cost dog-training app which helps to avoid unwanted dog behavior. This app enables you to get the pet off the bed or couch and teach them to become more active.  It records all dog information like distance of walking, speed, duration and others so that you can encourage your dog to do better each time.  This app too is available on iOS app store.

So what are you waiting for? Download one or more of these apps and train your dog to become much more disciplined and well-mannered.

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