Why To Choose Budgie As Your First Pet Bird?

budgiesDo you want to own a bird as your pet? Then one of the most preferable pets for beginners is Budgie.

Many experts who have quite good experience in bird breeding suggest budgies for beginners.

If you want to maintain the love towards birds for many days, then select the first bird as the budgie.

If you have selected a wrong bird or something like an Amazon as your first bird, then you will give up the idea of having bird as your pet as Amazons are very naughty and beginners cannot get along with these birds.

So, budgies and cockatiels are the most preferred birds for the beginners.

Elegance of the budgies:

When compared with the other talking birds such as the African grey parrots and Quakers; budgies are the most chattering birds. The Guinness Book of records has registered budgie bird as the ‘most talkative bird’.

If proper training is given to the budgie bird, it can remember and spell words up to 1700. Not just memorizing, it can form sentences and entertain the people around it with beautiful talking abilities.

Female budgies do not talk and the budgies which talk are male budgies. Male budgies become best talkers and a very good company for single owners.

Not all male budgies will be good talkers; it depends on your training abilities, which can turn the dumb budgie to a talkative budgie.

Beginners cannot bear the continuous chattering of the bird. Parrots are just like chatter boxes and shout at every act of the master. This will surely annoy a beginner and sometimes it becomes hard to bear the continuous blabbering of the birds.

In this case, budgies can become best pets as they are very gentle and are docile birds. Even though budgie is very active, playful bird and always entertains you; this is a calm bird when compared with other parrot species.

It is easy to domesticate and gets along with every one. It is very perfect for beginners who do not have any experience in domesticating the birds.

If brought to your home in quite young age, it develops a strong bond with the master and never shows interest in leaving the master.

Destructive behavior is not seen in budgies and they are very good with children too. But the main thing to remember is you should give proper attention to the budgies as they love the attention of their master.


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