To Cut Or Not To Cut The Parrot’s Wings

parrot wingsThe cutting of the parrot’s wings is a procedure implying the shortening of the primary feathers and some of the secondary feathers having as a result the impediment to fly.

It is a procedure that has to be repeated on a certain interval because the cut feathers will grow back after the next shedding.

Such a procedure is a bit controversial because it has advantages and disadvantages.

The parrots with cut wings are less exposed to the flight accidents. They can orient better inside the house and they are protected from the risks of hitting the mirrors or windows, getting trapped or getting burned or drowned resulting in the injury and the death of the bird.

The overwhelming majority of the lost parrots have the wings uncut. Every bird, even if it was trained not to fly without the master still owns the instinct that triggers the flight when it is scared (of noises or sudden movement). So once frightened, the parrots can take flight and won’t be able to find their way back home.

If done properly the wing cutting is not painful and a parrot with cut wings is easier to train and tame. The wing cutting can be done as to slow the bird’s flight and not to stop them from flying.

The cut wings limit the movement ability of the parrots [pet parrot] and also keep them from chewing and scratching the furniture.


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