Precautions Before Owning Cockatoo As Your Pet

cockatooThe cockatoo is a bird found in grassland regions of Australia and in the desert. They are wild but they can be tamed.

It just depends how far you are willing to stretch your patience? You need to know the cockatoo’s habits in order to know how to handle them.

Cockatoos feed on grass seeds and roots. These birds have a huge appetite.

Seeing there is so much of what they eat in the wild, they can eat all day. So if you are considering taking one as your pet, make sure you stock up on bird food supplies.

These 350g birds love to chew and as long it’s chewable,it keeps them occupied. Keep this in mind when you are preparing the cage [Bird Cage] or whatever you are going to prepare as its habitat.

You don’t want to get home one day and find your cockatoo missing and the cage destroyed. It’s not a pretty sight.

This bird is bossy and very intelligent. This factor alone makes it even more difficult to tame it. It wants the upper hand so you may find difficulty in controlling it.

This bird is wild and few have tamed it so it has always been its own boss. As the saying goes you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.

If you get the bird while it is still young then it becomes easier to teach him who is boss.

Be Warned: The cockatoo bird produces a lot of noise. It has this shriek that it makes that is so loud. Usually when calling out to another of its kind or when it’s hungry it makes this sound.

If you thought your son made too much noise with his music system then he just found a new best friend. The cockatoo’s shriek is loud and annoying but this can’t stop you from making it your pet. They are a playful and interesting lot once they familiarize themselves at their new homes.

There are also rare to find. This might also mean that when it seeks medical attention, the vet might not have the necessary medication and treatment. Have you ever thought of why the dodo became extinct?

Watch out for the large beak that can get in your face if you are not careful. Preferably get a large cage to accommodate its beak. Just follow these precautionary measures if you are thinking of getting a pet.

Weigh your pros against your cons. I can tell you though that getting one when it is still young is more ideal.


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