Pomeranian Puppy Training Tips

pomeranian puppyThe cute and small little dog that we all say, “oh it’s so cute, I need one of those.”

They can be a handful if not trained and soon you will see them as a menace rather than your pets.

Potty training

‘Potty’ training for a puppy should no be too difficult when you start this training as soon as he is in his new home.

You need to choose a spot that you want your pet to do its ‘business’ and take it there whenever you see it wants to go.

Puppies usually bark when they want to excrete and they are in an unfamiliar place. Use this to your advantage and take it to your ideal spot.

Behavior training

Pat your cute little puppy each time he does the right thing. It does register in its tiny brain that ‘hey, every time I go there she pats me, so I should keep doing that so she pats me more.’

So when you approve of a certain behavior then show as much affection as possible and you will indeed get no change in that department. Don’t you wish it could be that easy with children?

Keep your puppy confined in a smaller area when it first arrives before exposing it to the rest of your yard. This helps if you are to train it to familiarize with its new home. As time goes on expose the little fellow to the rest of its new home.

It all sounds like a walk in the park but don’t you fool yourself. It is not easy. These dogs need your constant attention and energy. They can stretch your patience so far you might think it’s a waste of time.

Nothing good never came out in 24 hrs. So the main key here to Pomeranian puppy training is endurance. If you give your puppy one dog biscuit on a day then give two each time it achieves something. This helps because it will aim to do more of what earns him two biscuits.

Pomeranians are a handful bunch as I mentioned earlier but hitting them should never be an option. The first opportunity that it gets to run away will be last day you will see it. Nothing comes easy but it all pays off in the end.

A dog left untrained is a nuisance and you will not love them as much as the first time you saw it.


Have a specific area that you are going to set apart as its area of feeding[Puppy feeding]. No matter how small the meals you want to give your puppy always take it to this area.

As time goes on you will see that when it’s hungry it will just go and wait obediently by the dog plate. Talk about improved communication between a dog and its owner!


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