Loud Parrots Have A Reason To Be Like That

Many people consider their parrots the ideal type of pet requiring a lot less care and attention compared to a dog or a cat, less food and less cleaning after.

All these benefits are seen before the birds become too loud, start making noises and turn out to be a lot more communicative than you can bear.

There are a few main reasons why the parrots do that and for certain making their masters anger is not among them.

The environment where the parrot is kept can be too loud. If the TV is on or the dog barks or the guests are talking or the children are running making noise, the parrots will get nervous and will start screaming to show how frustrated it is.

Another cause can be the interference in its routine and environment.

Moving its cage, introducing an accessory inside it, the sudden presence and attention from a new family member could make the parrot scared and it will manifest by screaming.

The bird may make noise if the cage is too small or too dirty. Also it will protest if it is hungry or thirsty. Keep in mind that exactly like humans, the parrot is grumpy if it didn’t sleep enough and it becomes agitated if it is neglected by its owners.


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