Vaccination – The Best Protection Against Dog Health Problems

Dogs can be very friendly, commonly cuddly and the one partner you can always bring with you. Imagine keeping your dog not further than arms length not knowing the dangers it can give you or unmindful of certain diseases and infections it got.

Dog health problems are treatable if they are attended immediately. Be a responsible dog owner and take your dog to the vet before anything worse happens.

Dog health problems should not be taken for granted. At the event that you acquire an animal to take care in your home, make sure you take them to your vet and have them checked. Proper vaccinations will be given accordingly.

Important vaccines for dog health problems


Rabies is common to animals. Make sure that your dog gets their scheduled rabies vaccination to protect you and the animal’s health.

Rabies is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal. Dog health problems such as rabies should not be ignored, it is dangerous and fatal when infected.


This kind of disease can cause inflammation of larynx and trachea.


Distemper is an infectious viral disease that is present in dogs. Common symptoms of this are loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes paralysis that will eventually lead to death.


This is a common virus that causes upper respiratory tract infection. When transmitted, it will likely to cause infectious hepatitis. This vaccination is highly required by the law as it is equally dangerous and fatal.


Leptospirosis can cause severe damage to kidneys. Dog health problems that are caused by this disease are normally transmitted on their urine thus giving danger to the human race. If untreated, this animal disease can be transmitted to humans and can cause kidney failure.


Bordetella causes upper respiratory tract infection than can cause whooping cough. When not treated immediately, it can cause even more danger to human health.

  • Corona virus: This corona virus is an intestinal disease that is highly contagious. Dog health problems such as this can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Parvovirus: Parvovirus is one of those dog health problems that target the intestines. When unattended, it could lead to more infections and then death.

Dog health problems are common. By keeping a firm track on treatment and vaccine schedules, you will eliminate widespread of the disease thus keeping you and your dog’s health protected. Dog health problems are normally caused by unclean environment as well as exposure to other diseases.

While it is common that dogs are almost in every household and are very well taken cared of, it is still advisable to have them checked once in a while or as advised by your vet.

Dog health problems should not be taken for granted. There are laws that require you to have your animals at home vaccinated. Make sure you follow them as well as doing all the right procedures in keeping your dog healthy.


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