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pet wedding

Pet Wedding – Walk Your Dog Down the Aisle

For many people that don’t have pets, there are many pet owners that are too obsessed with their animals. Actually people who have pets in their homes are most likely changed, for the sake of their favorite animals. Being a pet owner isn’t only a matter of providing the food and the shelter. It is […]

stressed cat

Healing Cat’s Stress – The Right Way to Go About

The stressed cats tend to hide from people, and treat their owners like they would treat the enemy. It is not ill will or animal malice. It is simply fear. It is only natural that a cat owner would not want a stressed cat. But when adopting a kitty, the change of environment and the […]

pets hate

Does Your Pet Hate You? Here’s Why

We might think that our pets are annoyed by traffic, noise, other pets and only occasionally by humans. But the truth is, most of the times the owner is solely responsible for the pet’s behavior. Pet owners take on the responsibility but they don’t always follow the rules as far as pet care goes. Most […]

cat food

Pet Cat – Digestive Issues and Vomiting

Anyone who owns a cat knows that this animal has some special requirements, when it comes to food and care. There are many digestive issues, which you should know, so here are the most important things a cat owner should be concerned about. Unlike the dogs, which are psychologically similar to many other mammals, the […]

dog bite

The Dog Bite – Behavioral Issue or a Simple Instinct?

“If a dog bit somebody once, it is most likely to bite again”. Many times we hear this statement preached and no matter what we think, it is not exactly true. The dog bite is most of the times conditioned by a certain factor and if the dog bit somebody, the owner must take the […]