The Dog Bite – Behavioral Issue or a Simple Instinct?

“If a dog bit somebody once, it is most likely to bite again”. Many times we hear this statement preached and no matter what we think, it is not exactly true.

The dog bite is most of the times conditioned by a certain factor and if the dog bit somebody, the owner must take the necessary steps and analyze the cause.

dog biteBiting is a natural behavior to the canine species allowing them to hunt, kill and fight for survival. It is also a tool dogs use to communicate in order to establish which one is stronger.

The dogs raised as pets have behind them a history of taming and adapting to the human society. Still, inside them lingers a powerful territorial instinct and this might be the main cause behind the bite.

The genetic factors may have a very important say in the dog’s aggressive behavior. Some species are known for the protective abilities. The guard dogs for example have a more developed sense of territoriality.

Socializing is also a very important factor because the fear and anxiety can be the cause for surprising signs of aggressive behavior.

The best way to prevent the bite is to discover the root behavior on time. If you have recently become the owner of a puppy, keep in mind that training is the right way to prevent aggressive behavior.

The innocent bites of the puppies may seem quite cute but you must keep in mind that the dog will develop strong jaws when it grows up. If such a behavior is acceptable at a puppy, forbidding it to do the same when it grows up might be unacceptable to the dog.

The dogs bite out of fear or need for protection. It is very important to know how to help a fearful dog even from a very young age. Exposing it to different types on environment will temper its fears.

The odds are good that if the dog bit once, it will not bite again. However there are certain factors that influence this: the age, the size and the environment in which the event occurred.

Dogs that grew up in a hostile environment where punishment was applied for anything from barking to digging the yard will react badly at any sign of aggression.

Also if you have kids known to be aggressive to animals do not let a puppy near them; simply forbid your kids to torment the dog. The dog will fight back the second it is able to do it.


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