Pet Cat – Digestive Issues and Vomiting

Anyone who owns a cat knows that this animal has some special requirements, when it comes to food and care. There are many digestive issues, which you should know, so here are the most important things a cat owner should be concerned about.

cat foodUnlike the dogs, which are psychologically similar to many other mammals, the cats are only carnivores.

Cats need a few basic ingredients, in order to have a normal digestive system. These ingredients include taurine, arginine, vitamin A and arachidonic acid. The so called arachidonic acid is an essential fatty acid.

So, the food your cat consumes should be specially selected to meet the cat’s food needs and to ensure its health and prosperity.

One of the most common problems of the cat is the vomiting. Cats vomit more often than other animals.

Any vomiting is the result of stimulation of the center in the brain through multiple receptors in the alimentary tract and elsewhere in the body of the cat.

After vomiting is adopted in the brain center, the cat becomes restless, seeking attention and support, begins to emit copious saliva and makes repeated efforts to swallow.

If it is not related to nutrition, frequent vomiting is due to infectious, renal and hepatic diseases or disorders of the central nervous system. Therefore, try to visit the vet at least once in a month for a regular checkup.

cat vetVomiting may be induced by ingested hair or other indigestible material, like grass, which irritates the stomach. Of course this is not a serious issue to be concerned about. If your cat is eating grass, this is not a problem.

It shows that your cat needs certain ingredients that cannot be found in the food. If your kitten is eating too fast, then you need to worry, because the small kittens shouldn’t consume too much food. This leads to frequent vomiting.

When the kittens eat too much, put away the food immediately and start a lively game.

Vomiting after eating is not something serious. It may be due to competition when more kittens are fed simultaneously from one court.

The problem will be solved if the kittens are separated and fed more frequently with smaller portions.

Among the diseases that are often associated with vomiting are cat pan leucopenia, tonsillitis, sore throat and infected uterus. The abrupt vomiting with fever in young cats is questionable symptom of pan leucopenia, so observe your cat carefully.


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