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cat on wall

Cats and the Mystery of the Tall Places They Like

How many times did your cat climb on the tallest furniture in the house or on anything tall it could find, to have a better view? No matter how tall is a place and how scary it would be for you to climb, the felines will find the exact way and opportunity to get on […]


5 Best Guard Dog Breeds

The guard dog is ready to take on the world if the need be, if at stake is a home it sees as its own and a family it loves and feels bound to protect. Among the most notorious guard dog breeds anybody can name the German Shepherd, the Mastiff and the Doberman. The guard […]

cat training

Cat Training – The Right Approach

Unlike dogs, the cats are known for their lack of obedience towards their masters. They are picky, spoiled and always on to some kind of mischief. “Cat training” is most of the time limited to teach them use the litter box or restrain their access to certain areas. As a plus the cat training can […]

san diego

Winter Getaway for Your Pet

In case you are wondering where to spend your winter vacation, don’t forget to check out the pet-friendly destinations, so you can take your puppy with you. The first thing you should consider carefully is your pet’s condition. If your dog or cat is healthy, then you don’t need to worry about the travel. Consult […]

sterilized cat

Consider the Age and Sex of the Sterilized Cat

Many owners flirt with the idea of sterilizing the house cat under the impression that this way, their natural ability to disappear would be limited. However, the breeds are quite different when it comes to sterilization and if you plan to be a cat owner you should also consider the age of the cat. A […]