National Pet Dental Health Month Pushes Annual Checkups

pet teethThis month the National Pet Dental Health month was organized to educate all pet owners on how important it is to check their pets’ teeth.

More often than not we neglect the hygiene of our pets’ teeth, not realising that keeping our pets’ teeth clean, is just as important as it is for us.

The accumulation of plaque due to neglected dental hygiene will eventually cause periodontal problems, thus the need to keep our pets teeth regularly clean.

The American Veterinary Dental Society stresses the importance of dental hygiene in our pets, for 85 percent of cats and dogs develop oral diseases as early as the age of four.

The same process of dental decay occurs in pets as in humans, due to the accumulation of bits of food in their teeth. This will eventually form plaque and tartar and cause gingivitis.

If this is not treated, more serious disease may develop such as periodontal disease, which will lead to bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding gums and the loss of teeth. Severe periodontal disease may even cause death.

Pet owners must take care of their pets’ oral hygiene regularly in addition to yearly dental checks at the vet’s. With these precautions owners can avoid damaging effects, which may injure their pet’s gums and teeth permanently.

For a correct dental hygiene, dental care kits are available in most pet shops; they are specially adapted to pets and are easy to use.


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