Popular Colors Found In Betta Fishes

Siamese fighting fish, also popularly known as betta fish, is perfect addition for home aquariums.

If you are beginner for proper fish care, then betta fishes are perfect choice for you.

It is an ancient species and it has been bred for hundreds of years for creating different strains.

Betta fishes are available in various colors. Here are some of the most popular colors.


Albino betta has beautiful pink/red eyes and has completely transparent fins. These particular types are very rare and certain albinos rarely appear in colored gene pools.

On the other hand, non-albino Siamese fighting fish is quite common variety with pearlescent body and pretty black eyes.


Actually, exact violet betta is very rarely found, but the most common type of betta fishes with red and blue sheen may appear to be in violet color. Even though most of the beginners prefer opaque sheens, most of the fish breeders go for these particular sheens because they tend to cross-pollute pools.


Red is most common color found in Siamese fighting fishes and they are most widely available varieties in most of the pet stores and also in most of aquariums.

They are easy to breed and some of the most common red betta fishes have blue, brown or even white sheens, which can pull attraction of breeders.

Other than these colors, royal blue, turquoise, yellow, green, peach, metallic blue and also chocolate colors are most popular colors found in betta fishes.


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