6 Tips To Keep Pet Birds Healthy

Birds are great companions for kids and also all members in your family. When you adopt a pet, it is completely your responsibility to keep it healthy and happy.

Many of you think that keeping a pet bird happy and healthy need too much hard work.

However, initially, if it is for the first time it can be an overwhelming task for you, but if you follow these particular tips, you can ensure safety and health of your pet bird.

  1. Birds love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, so feed them with delicious fruits and vegetables everyday. In addition to fruits and vegetables, ensure that you keep clean water and essential vitamin supplements.
  2. Remember not to feed avocados and chocolates to pet birds, as they are extremely dangerous for pet bird health. Even high sugar or salt foods and processed meats must be avoided.
  3. While ensuring safety for your pet bird, try to purchase biggest cage for your pet bird and ensure that you regularly, in fact every day clean the cage tray.
  4. Birds are great social creatures and love to have complete attention of their owners. So, keep your pet bird cage in family room where your family members visit frequently and surely spend quality time with your pet bird.
  5. Every other day, provide opportunity for your pet bird to take bathe. Particularly, if your bird is suffering with molting, it needs bath everyday to get relief from pain.
  6. Birds need at least 10 hours of night sleep everyday. So, ensure that you keep the room silent and dark for your pet bird sleep.


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