Why Do Dogs Sniff?

Sniffing is a part of the dog’s behavior and we all know it. There is of course a reason why the nose is the most powerful sense of the dog.

dogs sniff 1According to the specialists, the dog’s nose is so sensible that it is most likely working as the dog’s memory.

Perhaps you didn’t know that dogs can even distinguish some smells. For instance, the dog can easily recognize and divide the smell of the cheese, the meat and the ketchup on a cheese burger.

There is no surprise that dogs are trained for tracking, because they can sniff out drugs, bombs and even criminals. The recent studies are informing that they can even find the tiniest insects in your home, including the bedbugs.

The vets often explain the sniffing as a part of the behavior. While humans understand each other with talking, dogs simply sniff and this is their way to understand the world and the closest surroundings.

dogs sniff 2The surprising news comes from a recent research. According to this research, your dog can even sniff some disease in the human body.

A San Francisco based foundation is now focusing on an interesting research; according to it dogs can smell the earliest stages of cancer and other deadly diseases.

If this happens to be proved, dogs can be our saviors only because of their natural instinct- sniffing.


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