Dog Battle of the Sexes – She Is Smarter than Him

There has always been one question that has been interesting for humans: who are wiser, men or women? Well, this has been taken to another level and scientists are trying to find the answer for the same question in case of dogs. There have been some studies conducted to find out whether male or female dogs are more intelligent.

A group of scientists led by Corsin Muller of the University of Vienna found the matter interesting and took the brave initiative to approach it. The group has tested 50 pet animals including mutts, poodles, Australian shepherds, and golden retrievers.

Female DogThere has been a special test designed for them. The team wanted to test whether the dogs notice the growth or the shrinking of a ball.

As an example, there has been a tennis ball rolled behind the back of a screen and after a short while a larger ball rolled out on the other side.

The result of the test was that the female dogs stared at the larger ball longer than they did in case a ball of the smaller size rolled out.

This has been an indication that the female dogs have noticed something wasn’t right with the ball.

On the other hand, in case of male dogs, they have been staring for the same amount of time to both balls as they rolled out not paying special attention to any of them.

The researchers didn’t really expect to find any differences between male and female dogs, but according to Muller the findings aren’t surprising at all. He says that it is well-known that in case of humans there are many differences between men and women and from this point of view it isn’t surprising to find differences in case of other species as well.

We also have to add that researchers don’t know whether the male dogs do not notice the difference, or they simply don’t care.

It has also been tested whether the neutered dogs have the same reaction. They did, so the scientists know that this is something developed at an early stage and it has nothing to do with the sex hormones circulating in the adult dogs at the time of the test.

The researchers can’t really explain the reason of this difference. Nonetheless Muller and his team don’t really think that the strong evolutionary pressure on the dog ancestors has a role to play. It is also added that the male and female dogs don’t really have different lifestyles that would leave to differences regarding the cognitive performance.

Although this test has shown that it is possible for the animal world to be ‘ruled’ by females from this point of view, there are still numerous researchers who would like to know the outcome of the ‘battle of sexes’. According to Timothy Koscik of the University of Iowa, this is one of the most important questions that mankind has to find an answer for regardless we are talking about humans or their best friends.


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