Pets Can Make Your Relationship Better

relationship betterHave you ever wondered why your partner can interact and react with your pet on such a different level than what they can do with you? Why do you think this is? Is it because of the unconditional love that your pet gives? It may be. Check the following things out though and see what you think.

How do you greet your pet? Even if you have a rough day at work, you probably come home and at least give your pet a nice friendly hello and a scratch behind the ears. When was the last time you had a rough day at work and still came home with a smile and a hello for your partner?

If your partner messes up something special to you, or even something mediocre, you might get angry and tend to hold a grudge.

If your pet does it though, how do you react? You might raise your voice a bit and punish it, but tomorrow things will be right back to normal.

If you know you are going to be late and you don’t call to tell your partner, will they be angry? Will you be angry in preparation for them being angry? Will that lead to an argument? What about your pet?

If you are going to be late your pet will not be waiting at the door for an explanation. You know this and therefore you won’t be on edge when you walk through the door.

Think about the things that you do for your pet without thinking, and then think about how you would react with your partner in the same situation. When thinking about this, pay attention to the differences in the reactions you would give your pet versus your partner and then try to determine why you would differ between the two.

The bottom line is basically this: if you want your partner to talk to you like he/she talks to your pet then treat him/her the way you treat your pet.

A little smile and a loving touch when you get home, bad day or not; do not hold a grudge; accept their behavior as being a part of them; expect only what is to be expected and do not read more into a situation than what is truly there. Always assume the best in every situation. You never know what is waiting around the corner.

Pets not only offer unconditional love but they can also definitely teach you a thing or two.


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