What To Consider When Selecting Pomeranian Puppy As Pet?

Pomeranian PuppyWant to own the cutest and most adorable dog species as your pet, then Pomeranian puppy is best suited for you.

The Pomeranian puppies are the cutest small pets which looks peculiar with more fur than the body.

The miniature size of this Pomeranian puppy attracts many towards it and love to cuddle it.

Normally the nature of Pomeranian puppy is extremely friendly, very active and learns things very fast. These are very commanding, confident and outgoing. But, the exact nature is not estimated as their moods drifts very easily.

  • Sometimes energetic and sometimes placid
  • Sometimes hard-headed and sweet-natured
  • Sometimes serious and good natured
  • Introverts and sometimes extroverts

Things to consider when bringing the Pomeranian puppy home:

Temperament: As said before, the temperament is not stable; it drifts very easily and sometimes unmanageable even to the master. You need to be very patient and should be ready to take the sudden blows of the puppy.

If you are busy with your own work and cannot spare much time to pet, then you should not prefer Pomeranian puppy as your pet. Even the most obedient instructors cannot control neurotic behavior of the Pomeranian puppy.

Sensitivity: These are very sensitive through body as this comes under toy breed. The toy breed species are extremely fragile and sensitive. Big blow to the Pomeranian puppy can literally kill it.

If you accidentally place your leg on him, that will be the last day for your puppy. If you are breeding many dog species, then you should be very careful as the blows of a big larger dog can break the neck of the Pomeranian puppy. So, while choosing the Pomeranian puppies consider the fragility as the most important consideration.

Nature: Sometimes these are very suspicious with standoffish nature. These puppies need maximum exposure to new people and new sounds to avoid this suspicious nature. If the same condition persists, then the Pomeranian puppy can grow into a suspicious dog and may trouble you so much.

Seeing their body construction, many think that Pomeranian puppy is a submissive and sissyish breed, but these puppies do not come under this category. These are very bright by nature and can easily manipulate the master.

Barking: The Pomeranian puppy is well known for its annoying barking styles. These are very cautious about the sounds and persons, so always shout at the weird sounds and persons.

The barking is like alarm sounds for the beginners. If you live in apartment sized house, the Pomeranian is not at all a good choice, as it disturbs you and your neighbors too with its annoying barking.

Heavy shedding: The Pomeranian puppy is having a small body with big contents of fur. The shedding is too much in the shedding season. Often the Pomeranian puppy looks thin in the shedding season as it loses much fur.

In the shedding season, you will find the fur all over your clothes, furniture, countertops and every where in the house. Before selecting the Pomeranian puppy, make sure that you will be able to clean the fur in regular basis.

Grooming: As these are regular shedders, they need regular grooming. These have dense fur and have a lot of chance to the mites to get into the fur. They require regular combing, brushing and occasional brushing.


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