What Are The Puppy Training Requirements And Techniques?

Puppy TrainingDo you like your dog to be arrogant and stubborn? Every one likes to have a lovable dog. So the future of your dog is in your hands, proper puppy training can yield you a lovable dog.

Everything that you want to see in your matured dog is in your hands. Proper puppy training can make your puppy to grow as a trusted and liable companion.

Never start the training from the 1st week age, start the training from at least 3weeks of age. Use this time lap to develop a communication between you and your puppy [Dog training tips].

You can start training in the 1st week too, but you need to know your puppy before starting the puppy training. So, this interim time is used for you to get along with your puppy and vice versa.

Requirements of puppy training:

Be positive: Have patience and positive attitude towards the puppy training process. Be cool and calm while training the puppy. The positive attitude pays and yields good results. If you are following positive puppy training process, then you should not punish the puppy on any of its act. Never punish the puppy in the training process.

Repetitions: Always follow a word for an act. If you mean your puppy to stop any act, then stick to the single word such as stop, do not experiment with different synonyms like ah-ah, no, or cut it etc. Until your puppy understands, stick to a word and make the puppy understand the word with repetitions.

Schedule: Follow a schedule in the training process and try to follow the time. Make the schedule in the evening or morning times when the puppy is active and fresh. If your puppy cannot adjust to the schedule, its better to change the time, make the schedules short and simple. Long training can make your puppy stubborn. Keep the training process simple and make it easy for the puppy.

Puppy training techniques:

Treats: This is the easiest way of training the puppy. The treats can be toys, tempting pieces with interesting colors or even food. If your puppy obeys your orders and completes the task correctly, then encourage the puppy with treats. Many modern training schools are following the treats process and yielding good results. But make sure that the treats will not become a habit to the puppy and the matured dog too. Too many treats can make the puppy disobey your orders because it gets addicted to the treats and disobeys you without the treats. This method of training is used to make the puppy learn obedience and manners.

Crate training: It is the second popular puppy training method. This method uses the prop as the crate or cage. This method is used to make the puppy learn the litter box training if it does not use the litter box even after making it to learn. Housebreaking puppies are controlled with this crate. Dogs do not like to spoil their bed as they should lie down on the same bed, so they start to use litter box. But make sure you place the litter box in the crate. The crate can also be used to teach the puppies to stay calm in the night and at times when you cannot attend them in the daily household works.

Stranger puppy training: If puppies are not given proper stranger training, then the puppy grows into an ill-mannered dog in the future. The puppy must be made to meet new people and learn mingling with them. They should be brought up with children to avoid the child dislikes.

This puppy training can help you to have a proper, well mannered matured dog in future.


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