Hollywood Dogs Meeting Distress

ChihuahuaMay be because the economy problems or simply because people tend to not be very responsible with their pets, these days, a flood of Chihuahua dogs came over the animal shelters of California.

The California shelters seem to not fit the large number of small dogs sent in exodus by their irresponsible owners.

As this small and cute breed covers almost 30% of the California dogs population, such an unexpected event was explained by the Head of the Animal Protection Department from Oakland as normal considering the fact that people take these little dogs as pets not taking under consideration that providing for them and offering them the medical assistance they need, they are quite expensive.

Because stars like Paris Hilton are not shy to prowl in the public eye with their little “jewel” dogs, their fans tend to bluntly imitate their behavior.

Chihuahua may be cute and cuddling like any other pet and being a small breed, the cost of food seems at the first glance smaller than for the other dogs.

What people do not consider when buying them is that it is a sensitive breed exposed to several chronic diseases which require visits to the vet that do not come cheap.

Fortunately for the little dogs if the Californians got tired of them , the New Yorkers declare themselves more than happy to take care of them but it is sad to see the human race tends to overlook the true meaning of a loving pet.


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