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dog breeds

New Dog Breeds Make an Appearance at Famous Dog Shows

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is one of the most famous dog competitions in the world. Actually this one is perhaps the most prestigious one. This year’s competition is the 135th annual show, which is a very special date, especially for the new breeds. Years ago the competition was very strict about the new […]

stress in cats

Stress – The Major Health Concern in Cats

Taking care of your feline pet involves both physical and mental care of the cats. Cats are sensitive creatures and experience stress easily. If the stress is not taken care of in time, it can lead to distress and physical problems. One of the major reasons for feline stress is any kind of change in […]

8 High-Impact Solutions For Your Doggy’s Doo

8 High-Impact Solutions For Your Doggy’s Doo

Minimize your Dog’s Environmental Poo-Print!

bird feeders

16 Creative Bird Feeder Designs

Here are different bird feeder designs from which you can select one for your yard.

fish bowl

14-Creative & Unique Fish Bowl Designs

Check out these 14 creative, fun fish bowl designs! These definitely are not your average fish bowl! Fun, unique designs can be found for every taste.