Useful Grooming Tips For Pekingese Dogs

If you are new to own a dog as a pet, Pekingese dogs are perfect choice for you. Pekingese dogs make wonderful companions and will be very affectionate and loyal towards its owners.

Even though Pekingese have gorgeous dense coat and generous curls, grooming for Pekingese is required if you really want to enhance the look of your pet.

Here are few grooming tips that can hopefully help you to get good look for your Pekingese pet.

  • Brush dense coat of Pekingese at least twice in a week gently and carefully. If your Pekingese pet is shedding heavily, brushing the coat is very essential.
  • Pekingese are heavy dander shedders. If you are allergic to animal dander, then it is not suitable for you to own a Pekingese pup.
  • Ensure that you regularly trim the hair around its bottom for hygiene reason and to avoid various infections.
  • Pekingese dogs can acquire stains around eyes that can result watering from eyes. So, avoid those particular stains.
  • At times, you may need to eliminate the stained hair. When you are clipping the hair near eyes, ensure that you have solid control on your hands and also in moments of your pet. If you are not enough confident about it, get it done with experts.


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