Be Familiar With The Care You Have To Take For Bernese Mountain Dog!

Bernese Mountain DogBernese mountain dog comes under the working dog’s group. These are outdoor dogs and are adaptable as pets if proper care [Dog Care Guidelines] and exercise is added to the Bernese mountain dog routine.

These Bernese mountain dogs are preferred for cold climates and can survive in the extreme coldness. Their coat helps them in surviving from the cold waves. They are not suggested for hot and moderate climatic areas because of their thick and long coat.

Know about the Bernese mountain dog:

Temperament or characteristics: These are the most lovable pets for family and get along well with children also. The basic characteristics of the Bernese mountain dog are

  • They need attention and crave for human companion ship.
  • It’s not a dog that should be kept in kennel, it can be allowed inside the house.
  • Gentle, loyal, affectionate, faithful and calm towards their owners.
  • Very socialized with other animals, pets and children.
  • Very intelligent, but you need patience to crave complete benefits of Bernese mountain dog.
  • Very good watch dogs, but cannot be used as guard dogs.
  • They are sociable to strangers if proper training is given in the puppy stage. They are calm in the presence of strangers and will not be fiery or shy towards strangers.
  • These are not regular barkers and limited to seldom barking.

Grooming: This is very necessary for all dogs and Bernese mountain dogs are not an exceptional case. The coat of the Bernese mountain dog is long and thick, so frequent brushing is mandatory. [Dog Grooming]

Prefer brushing daily, if time does not permit, at least brush twice in a week. These dogs are heavy shedders and regular brushing can make your home clean without the shedding.

Keep the ears clean and check for ear mites, as these dogs are very active and love to be outdoors. There is a chance of mites to get into the body of mountain dog. The nails should be clipped in regular basis as this avoids the dust accumulation in the nails, which can turn to infections in the nails.

Exercise: Bernese mountain dog is an outdoor dog. So, plenty of exercise is required to meet its needs. Never tie the dog in a house corner, allow the dog to roam in the house if you cannot provide the necessary exercise.

Exercise not only makes the dog strong but also makes the dog sociable; during outdoor exercise it meets strangers in the daily routine and develops a sociable personality while maintaining health. Take care that you do not exceed the normal routine, as over exercise can make the dog hot. The dog cannot adjust to over heats; take care when roaming the dog in overheated days.

Health disorders: Bernese mountain dogs are prone to different health disorders. All these health disorders are hereditary, but sometimes lack of nutrition levels can also develop different diseases in the dogs.

The most common diseases seen in the Bernese mountain dog are cancer, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Bernese is prone to cancer; nearly 9.7% of the dogs are prone to cancer. Hips and elbows are common structural defects in the joints and can cause mild arthritis.


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