6 Adorable Pet Bird Species for Kids

Is your child fascinated with pet bird? Birds make great companion for kids and there are many varieties of birds that you can present to your little one.

With wide range of bird species, it can be absolutely difficult to choose the right one for your child. However, here are few bird species that can possibly become best companions for your children.

1.Kids Pets Budgies

With their gentle personalities, budgies establishes strong bond with their owners. Although not suitable for older children, budgies can be great pets for kids.

2. Canary

Canary entertains kids with its sweet songs and at all times it doesn’t come out of its cage. It can live up to 15 years, if you take proper care.

3. Cockatiels

Every child would love to make cockatiels as their favorite pet. These fantastic birds can learn to whistle, perform tricks and also learn talking easily, if given proper training.

4. Finches

Finches make less noise and also create very little mess.  You can buy a roomy cage for finches so that they can easily fly around and always remember to keep finches in pairs.

5. Peach-faced lovebird

With little more challenging effort to take care than small parrots, peach-faced lovebirds come in different colors. You can train some tricks for these colorful birds as well.

6. Bourke’s parakeet

Hailing from Australia, Bourke’s parakeet is little bigger than budgies. You have to tame these beautiful parrots carefully because more often these particular birds are flighty and require good hand-tame.


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