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Coyote Attacks

Keeping the Pets Safe from Coyote Attacks

Living in a house with garden in the suburbs is the dream of many people, but besides the obvious advantages there are some disadvantages that the owners have to take into consideration. In many locations people have reported seeing coyotes, and this is why the pet owners should take extra care of their companions. The […]

Superstitions About Cat

Most Famous Cat Related Superstitions

It seems like cats are one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth and this is why superstitions, myths and legends surrounded them starting with the ancient times. The majority of these have survived until our days, and there are some that are really well known. One of the most popular superstitions is related to […]

Pet Food

The Natural Pet Food and What It Is Actually About

The majority of people focus a lot on healthy nutrition in our days. But what about the pet food we feed our beloved pets? The advantage of the natural food for dogs is that in the majority of the cases they have a lot of nutrients that the commercial dog foods lacks. For example, most […]

Dog Breeds

Smart Vs Dumb Dog Breeds of the World

When it comes to getting a new dog, usually it is the personality and the looks of the dogs that influence the decision of the new owner. Nonetheless it is known that certain breeds are more intelligent than others. For making the right choice the owner should carefully evaluate the most intelligent and the least […]

Hiking With Dog

Take the Dog Hiking but Be a Responsible Owner

Exercise is important for both men and dogs, and this is why it might be a good idea to take your dog along in case you have plans to do some hiking. You can be sure that your pet will enjoy it as well because he gets to be outdoors, move around and also to […]