Take the Dog Hiking but Be a Responsible Owner

Exercise is important for both men and dogs, and this is why it might be a good idea to take your dog along in case you have plans to do some hiking. You can be sure that your pet will enjoy it as well because he gets to be outdoors, move around and also to spend some time with you.

Hiking With Dog

Although this might seem to be a lot of fun, you should also remember your responsibilities that you have towards your dog and the rest of the community.

For example you should never forget about the biodegradable poop bags. It is natural for dogs to leave some “signs” behind, and in case you would like to be a responsible owner, be sure to clean up after the dog.

The plastic bags take a lot of time to decompose, while the biodegradable ones are more environment-friendly. If you are in the woods or something of the sort, you could also pick up the poop and bury it at the side of the track. This way it will do no harm to the environment.

Dogs enjoy freedom very much, but still, you should always keep it on a leash. Don’t forget that by nature the dogs are predators, and sometimes their instinct might be stronger than the effect of your command.

In case they see some little animal, they might run after it and chances are that they will be able to catch it. Try to protect wildlife by keeping your pet on a leash, although most probably he won’t appreciate it.

These animals are really strong, but they have their limits as well. In case of longer walks it is possible that the dog will get really tired. If you are preparing for long hikes it might be a good idea to take the car or find some other means of transportation that is both dog friendly and environmental friendly.

When riding the bike, you must think about a trailer that is safe and comfortable for the dog to ride in. This could also be converted into a kennel for the dog to sleep in. It might be a little expensive and you have to train the dog to relax in it, but if you take your pet on a hike frequently, it might be a great investment.

Your animal probably likes to roll in mud and dust and dogs usually find the smell of dead animals appealing. Nonetheless you shouldn’t bathe it very often. The natural oils that can be found on the coat of the animal make it possible to brush the dirt off. In case the dog stinks you should bathe it with a mild shampoo that doesn’t have parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate.

Bug bites represent a certain level of danger for the dog. Luckily there are some products that are based on natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil or neem oil that help repelling the bugs without having to use any kinds of chemicals on the animal.


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