Smart Vs Dumb Dog Breeds of the World

When it comes to getting a new dog, usually it is the personality and the looks of the dogs that influence the decision of the new owner. Nonetheless it is known that certain breeds are more intelligent than others. For making the right choice the owner should carefully evaluate the most intelligent and the least intelligent breeds.

The most intelligent breed seems to be the Border Collie. Although they have been gifted with this intelligence, they won’t be happy in case they don’t have a purpose in life.

Dog Breeds

They need something specific to do. This isn’t the right breed to be left home alone. In case he has to spend a lot of time on his own, it might get really destructive. There are three main things that these dogs need: constant companionship, exercise and praise. In case you are living in the city and you have to work a lot, this might not be the most suitable breed for you.

On the other extreme, there is the Afghan Hound that is said to be the least intelligent breed of them all. It is also known as the “king of dogs” and it is considered to be one of the most ancient breeds. The breeders know the best Afghan Hounds because of the low obedience level that they have.

The truth is that there are some cat-like personality traits of this dog, so it is possible that they aren’t dumb but rather they have an independent thinking. Since they have such a sweet nature, this little problem doesn’t really matter.

Dog Breeds

It might be a little surprising to find the poodle on the second place among the most intelligent dogs. Also you should know that this is one of the easiest breeds to train. These are also very sociable and they hate to be left alone. Although they are good to be used as guard dogs and some of them might be trained to hunt, they are sensitive, pleasant and happy too.

When it comes to ‘dumb’ dogs, we also have to mention the breed called Basenji that is most well-known for the special barking sound that it makes. It is similar to a person laughing or crying. Just as in the case of the Afghan Hound this breed has some cat-like characteristics, which include grooming themselves staring out the window for hours every day.

This breed needs a lot of exercise, so in case you have a condo and you want to have a dog like this, you should think again. They have a special kind of temper, and they might be more difficult to train. Human contact might help with these problems but unless you are prepared to offer the dog a lot of attention Basenji is not the dog for you.

The third most intelligent dog is the German Shepherd. These are known to be courageous and they also have a strong protective instinct. They might be just perfect for families with children in case they have been raised by a loving but in the same time firm owner. Just as the Border Collie, they need a purpose in life to be happy.


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