Are You Adopting A Dog? Keep In Mind

When you think of a pet; you think of ‘getting’ one or ‘buying’ one or ‘gifting’ one. But really when it comes to dogs, it is more a case of ‘adopting’ one.

Many people give as much thought to the choice of having a dog in the house as they would, say, a new dining table. But understand that having a dog is a lot of work; it is a commitment that a person needs to be prepared for.

A dog is the most loving and social of creatures; and having one in the house as part of the family can be incredibly rewarding; just make sure that as a individual or as a family you are prepared to give the same back to your dog.

All those sweet, heartwarming commercials that show the adorable puppy in a little basket with the ribbon tied over it being gifted to a delighted child by an indulgent parent tell only one side of the tale.

Yes that furry friend will bring untold joy into the child’s life, but soon there will begin an unending round of doggie walkies, potty training, teaching the dog basic discipline, regular immunizations, basic hygiene, health care etc. Be prepared to give as much time and affection to a dog as you would to a new member of the family.

Remember that cute little puppy will grow bigger and will do so in a really short time. Soon he or she will start to get nippy, chewing on shoes and any number of things around the house, including fingers and toes! There will be biting and scratching of furniture, and for a while nothing accessible around the house may be safe!

Potty training is of course another grisly job for pet owners. Until such time as training in this department is successful, there will be accidents and clean up jobs required to be performed.

If that frisky little creature has ingestion because of a bug or something he ate, then there is that to be cleaned up as well; be warned.

Grooming, bathing, other aspects of doggie hygiene and regular immunizations are some of the other things to keep track of with your pet pooch.

The dog needs companionship and lots of TLC as well, so be prepared to offer your time as well. You have to be able to take the time to exercise the dog each day.

However, if you are mentally prepared for all this then you can look forward to developing a most rewarding relationship with your dog.

You can be sure of true unconditional love and complete and unswerving loyalty here. You never return to an empty house; there is always a warm lick and a wide grin; a big welcome waiting!


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