Keeping the Pets Safe from Coyote Attacks

Living in a house with garden in the suburbs is the dream of many people, but besides the obvious advantages there are some disadvantages that the owners have to take into consideration. In many locations people have reported seeing coyotes, and this is why the pet owners should take extra care of their companions.

The small pets are most likely to be attacked, like cats, dogs, rabbits and so on, or other animals that might spend some time outdoors. Coyotes aren’t really known to hunt small house pets, but in case they cannot find anything more suitable to eat, they might do harm to your little furry friend.

Coyote Attacks

These are known to resemble dogs, especially German Shepherds, but in fact they have a bushy tail that points downwards when they are walking, and they have pointy ears and nose.

Their weight ranges between 22 and 42 pounds and they usually hunt during both night and day and the interesting thing about them is that they tend to travel at the same time, day after day.

The usual diet of a coyote includes small animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, but they also feed on birdseed, pet food and certain kinds of fruits and vegetables.

In case they are unable to find any of these, they might also go for house pets.

They catch cats, but it is rarely that they try to catch larger dogs. Also they avoid getting in contact with animals that are under the supervision of humans.

It is rare for the coyotes to attack humans, and when they do, usually this is caused by the fact that people are trying to hand feed them.

According to official information it is a big mistake to feed to coyotes because it breaks down their natural fear of humans and they might become aggressive towards them.

There are some methods through which you might make your yard safe for your pets. The first step is to secure the garbage cans to ensure that the coyotes won’t become regular visitors at your home. Make sure that these animals won’t find any food source at your home by removing the animal food from outdoors, especially during the night.

To protect your pets it might be a good idea to keep them on a leash. You might do so with cats, smaller dogs and even rabbits. Another good measure is to keep an active presence outdoors while they are outside.

In case you feel like your dog might be in danger while walking him, it might be useful to take some device, like a walking stick that you can make some noise with to scare the coyotes off. While the pets are outside you should remove birdseeds or other kinds of pet food, because, as it has been mentioned before, these attract the coyotes, since they also feed on them.

Being afraid of coyotes doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let your pets enjoy outdoors. It just means that you might have to take certain measures of precaution.


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