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Puppy Chewing

Are You Worried with Your Puppy’s Chewing?

Chewing is most common concern among those caring for young puppies older than a year. Even though chewing and destructive behavior is most common behavior in younger dogs, it may certainly affect dog at any age. So, it becomes very essential for you to control your dog’s chewing. Reasons for chewing behavior Puppies or younger […]

Petting Zoo

Petting Zoos – Things You Ought to Know

A petting zoo is always a nice kind of entertainment, especially for the kids. In case you are organizing some kind of event, this might be a really good idea to keep the children busy and to offer them some novelty. Naturally you should get only well cared for and trained animals, to make sure […]

Cocker Spaniel Grooming

Important Tips for Grooming Cocker Spaniel

With attractive look, cocker spaniel is a wonderful and happy dog to include in your family. Most of you cringe to own a cocker spaniel because of the amount of maintenance and grooming required for it. However, it is not that difficult as you think. But here are few essential things that you have to […]

Old Pet Care

Saying Goodbye to Your Old Pet

Saying goodbye is never easy, but a time comes in the life of every person when he or she must make a tough decision. The majority of the pets will become a member of the family, and so when the end is near, the owners feel like the moment puts a knife in their hearts. […]

First Pet Repltile

Owners’ Guide to the First Pet Reptile

Reptiles are among the most difficult exotic pets one can have. They need a lot of care, time and money. Depending on the breed they need adequate temperature and light control. Taking in a reptile for a pert is a big decision and should be taught through completely before you go and get yourself one. […]