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Richest Animals

The Richest Pets in the World

It’s not something unheard of to read about extremely rich people, but when it comes to animals, people become more interested. How could an animal be richer than a person? Well, they could. There are some animals that have several million dollars, a sum that the majority of us are only dreaming about. The richest […]

Dogs Hair Care

6 Tips for Dealing with Your Shedding Dog

Are you worried about the shedding of your pet dog? Shedding is normal phase of hair growth cycle in dogs or other pets that have fur. However, as a dog owner, it can be really frustrating problem for you. But, here are few helpful ideas for you that can make your life much easier for […]

Pet Frogs

Pet Frogs Can Be Behind a Salmonella Outbreak

What is salmonella and how could people get infected with this disease? The symptoms of salmonella include stomach cramping, dehydration, diarrhea, high fever and vomiting. According to the common belief the major source of salmonella is food, usually meat or chicken eggs. The scientists have found another source of infection as well, one that the […]

Cats Behaviour

You and Your Cat – Who Rules?

You, the pet owner might have stumbled upon a really interesting saying ‘Dogs have masters, cats have staff’. Although this might seem funny at the beginning, there are numerous pet owners out there who will find the saying true, and they might also realize that their life has been overtaken by their cat. While in […]

Rabbit For Adoption

Pet Rabbits and the Easter Bunny Issue

A rabbit anyone? It has become a cliché to get children or even teenagers a rabbit for Easter. Still, there might be more problems with this little animal than the family can handle. First of all we should all remember that those cute little bunnies that we might buy grow up someday, and although they […]