Petting Zoos – Things You Ought to Know

A petting zoo is always a nice kind of entertainment, especially for the kids. In case you are organizing some kind of event, this might be a really good idea to keep the children busy and to offer them some novelty. Naturally you should get only well cared for and trained animals, to make sure that there will be no problems.

The first thing to do in order to get the animals is to contact a company that offers animals for rent. There are numerous ranches that offer smaller animals for purposes of this kind. In order to find these, you might look for some portals that offer contact details of such companies. You can be sure that you will find one somewhere close to your location.

Petting ZooAnother good idea might be to contact some local farms. These also might offer the animals for rent. In case you would like to have a permanent setup, you might ask them about purchase prices.

It is possible that in case you get several animals, you can also get a discount, and the owner might also offer to arrange for the transportation of the animals.

The next step is to choose the setup of the petting zoo. You will need a fenced area to make sure that the animals won’t be able to get away. The smallest fenced area for animals start at 10 feet by 10 feet and the larger ones are of 40 by 40 feet.

Make some research regarding the animals that you would like to have in your petting zoo. Popular options include miniature donkeys, llamas, camels, goats, miniature ponies and also alpacas.

You should find out some information regarding the diet that they have and the care that the animals need.

If you have the time and the knowledge to care for the animals, then it isn’t necessary to hire someone for this job, but in case you feel like you need some help, you could also hire a handler. In case you would like to rent the animals, the majority of the ranches also offer a handler for the price that you pay for the animals.

In the moment when you actually see the animals, you should keep an eye out for any signs of illness. You should choose those animals that are healthy and in good shape. In case of ill-treated animals, they might not prove out to be such great attractions for your petting zoo.

It is always a great responsibility to handle animals, especially in case they are rented. If you would like children to visit the petting zoo, you should make sure that they know how to handle the animals with care. You should consider having an adult to keep an eye on them while petting the animals. This might be important from both the animals’ point of view and the children’s point of view.

Some people would think that it is cheap to have a petting zoo, but in case of quality care for the animals, the costs could get quite high.


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