Are You Worried with Your Puppy’s Chewing?

Chewing is most common concern among those caring for young puppies older than a year. Even though chewing and destructive behavior is most common behavior in younger dogs, it may certainly affect dog at any age. So, it becomes very essential for you to control your dog’s chewing.

Reasons for chewing behavior

Puppy ChewingPuppies or younger dogs adopt chewing habit for several reasons.

One of the main reasons for chewing behavior in dogs could be, basically, dogs are inquisitive creatures and mostly they pick up the objects with their mouth to examine.

When puppies reach 4 to 8 months of age, they tend to shed all deciduous teeth and start growing new set of permanent teeth. So, it is quite common for dogs to experience discomfort while teething and as a result they tend to develop chewing habit.

When your dog becomes bored, chewing can give him some work to do and it uses its bursting energy in some particular task like destructing things or chewing. So, if your dog is not properly exercised, it will tend to use its energy in chewing and destructing things.

Usually, when dogs suffer from separation anxiety they often tend to chew objects that are related to their owners or tend to chew things that are embedded with your scent to get relief from its anxiety.


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