Important Tips for Grooming Cocker Spaniel

With attractive look, cocker spaniel is a wonderful and happy dog to include in your family. Most of you cringe to own a cocker spaniel because of the amount of maintenance and grooming required for it.

However, it is not that difficult as you think. But here are few essential things that you have to consider while grooming a cocker spaniel.

1. Cocker Spaniel GroomingEnsure that you make grooming as every day task for your dog. Depending up on the length of the fur and thickness of the coat, it will get easily entangled and seems to appear wiry and untidy, if not managed on a daily basis.

2. Special conditioner and dog shampoo are required for grooming a cocker spaniel. If coat of the pet is thick and long enough you may want to invest good creams to keep it lustrous and shiny.

3. Cocker spaniel’s haircut must be essentially done by a professional. But do not try to experiment this as it can result in ugly look for your dog until you are quite sure about how to do it.

4. Trim the nails of the dog once in every week and clean the eyes regularly, which is very important part of grooming a cocker spaniel.

5. As the length of ears of the cocker spaniel can literally dragged on the ground, you have to take special care for the ears. Clean the dirt and bacteria in the ears regularly to avoid infections.


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