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sharing bed with pets

To Share Or Not To Share The Bed With Your Pet

Having a pet is an amazing experience that everyone should have in his lifetime. You would find your pet just like any other family member who is not only caring but also protective. People like to keep different animals as their pets like cats, dogs, birds, or more exotic species of which dogs are the […]

vet technique 1

Cutting Edge Vet Technique – A Trend For Pet World

The technology and the science are nowadays anywhere. If you take a look at the medicine, you will see the progress of the lasers and the innovative machines that can save human life easily. In the veterinarian medicine the progress is also a fact. Nowadays modern lasers can heal your puppy even from cancer or […]

Italian Greyhound Puppies And How To Train Them Yourself

Italian Greyhound Puppies And How To Train Them Yourself

Are you planning to call yourself a responsible pet owner? Have you gone through a list of dog breeds and finally decided to adopt an Italian greyhound puppy? If yes, then you can start being a model pet owner and personal trainer by knowing Italian greyhound puppies better. History of Italian greyhound puppies The hounds’ […]

relationship better

Pets Can Make Your Relationship Better

Have you ever wondered why your partner can interact and react with your pet on such a different level than what they can do with you? Why do you think this is? Is it because of the unconditional love that your pet gives? It may be. Check the following things out though and see what […]

dogs sniff 1

Why Do Dogs Sniff?

Sniffing is a part of the dog’s behavior and we all know it. There is of course a reason why the nose is the most powerful sense of the dog. According to the specialists, the dog’s nose is so sensible that it is most likely working as the dog’s memory. Perhaps you didn’t know that […]