Italian Greyhound Puppies And How To Train Them Yourself

Are you planning to call yourself a responsible pet owner? Have you gone through a list of dog breeds and finally decided to adopt an Italian greyhound puppy?

If yes, then you can start being a model pet owner and personal trainer by knowing Italian greyhound puppies better.

History of Italian greyhound puppies

The hounds’ family of gazehounds is famous as they are the ones who hunt by sight. The puppies are the youngest in this family.

As these miniature dogs gained great popularity in Italy they were named as Italian greyhound puppies.

Characteristics of Italian greyhound puppies

These puppies have a charisma of their own and are very intelligent by nature. At the same time they are happy to be left with their playing toys rather than be chained and disciplined.

Sometimes, they can be a pain for owners who want their dogs to be strictly disciplined and command followers, as these Italian greyhound puppies are little difficult to housetrain.

Training your Italian greyhound pup

Well, if you are the brand new owner of the Italian greyhound puppy, but are finding it very difficult to tame them and to housetrain them then this might help you a little.

But do not expect the Italian greyhound puppies to be well trained and fully obedient pets overnight. Here are some tips to bear in mind:

Have patience

You need to have tremendous amounts of patience and tolerance when housetraining these Italian greyhound puppies. It would take you anywhere between a couple of weeks to maximum 6 months to housetrain them.

The topmost reason why people avoid having them as pets is because they have very poor potty habits. They aren’t able to adhere to strict rules when it comes to their potty business.

Pay attention

If you leave your Italian greyhound puppy all by himself and think that this will be a punishment for his unruly behavior, then you’re highly mistaken. This breed[dog breed] needs lots of caressing and full attention of their owners. They always like to lead and will never ever sit at one corner in silence.

If your attitude as an owner ticks him off, then the Italian greyhound puppies might even get destructive so it is important to give him a good amount of your attention.

Give reinforcements

This kind of dogs would be your best friend if you reward them with your happy smiles and good words. They would love to be rewarded bulk amount of food for a good work they have done.

By rewarding them, you are basically connecting to them in a friendly manner and hence they would listen to you the next time you give them a command.

Even if you have some difficulty when training[dog training] them, these Italian greyhound puppies would be your best friend. They are very emotional and highly aware of the situation or type of environment that is surrounding them. They are peace lovers in their inner self.

So if you are looking for immense love and gratitude, you’ll certainly get these from the Italian greyhound puppies, provided you deal with them with patience and love.


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