To Share Or Not To Share The Bed With Your Pet

Having a pet is an amazing experience that everyone should have in his lifetime. You would find your pet just like any other family member who is not only caring but also protective.

People like to keep different animals as their pets like cats, dogs, birds, or more exotic species of which dogs are the most common pets. People tend to get close as well as affectionate with their pets quite easily that they start including them in their daily activities too.

sharing bed with petsSome people even have the habit to sleep with their pets. This has been seen as a common thing among pet owners.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association in the year 2007, it has been established that around 43 percent of dogs sleep on the same bed as their owners.

A number of animal trainers and vets consider this habit quite harmful and strictly oppose it.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of letting your pet sleep in your bed.


You can expect your pet to attach to you only when you attach yourself to it. Your pet feels quite bonded if you allow it to rest on the couch or lie on your bed. It has been proved that a person surrounded by his or her pets has a stable mood and low blood pressure.

Ira Roth who is a very famous veterinarian states that it is advantageous for both the owner and the animal to spend time together and share affection for it reduces the stress level.

Sarah Westcott who is a well known dog trainer in New York City and the owner of Doggie Academy shares her personal experiences with her dog Hank and completely believes that letting the pet sleep with you helps in increasing the attachment between both the owner and the pet. According to her, it is a satisfying experience and through this your pet would always feel the care you give it.


From the health point of view, it is advised to keep your pet away from your personal things as it may cause you allergies. In addition to this, it is a medical fact that your nasal passages are more prone to foreign irritants at night. Making your pet sleep with you at such a time can increase your chances to catch an allergy or some other problem.


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