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Irish red and white setter

Westminster Kennel Club Introduces Three New Breeds

For dog lovers, there is no bigger event then Westminster Kennel Club. Their 134th world-class dog show will be presented in New York this week. Every year this turns out to be the major ceremony for the world finest dogs. The news from this year event is good for everyone. There are three new breeds, […]

James Herriot

Bye-Bye James Herriot, Hello Modern Vets

Last researches, made by University of Newcastle show that vets lately are spending their half time on treating farm animals, just as they did ten years ago. The modern vets take their time in treating sick cats and dogs because of the better payment. Vets like James Herriot, well known for his book All Creatures […]

The Ugly Side Of Canine Liver Cancer

The Ugly Side Of Canine Liver Cancer

Having a sick dog around is not one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. The anxiety of wanting to know what is wrong with your dog can cause some major stress. Even after knowing what is wrong with your dog you can still have anxiety if you do not know how to handle […]

pet spa

Pet Spa Out To Replace Pet Kennels

Pet spa is said to be the new replacement of the traditional dog kennels. The so called luxury hotels for your pets are increasing their popularity and now on the market in USA there are several hotels, which offer the luxury favors for your pets. One of them is Barkley hotel for dogs in Ohio, […]

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Herbal Treatment For The Most Common Dog Problem

Anyone who has a pet knows that fleas are a problem to animals and humans alike. Once your dog gets fleas, more than likely you will be bitten at least once. There is however, a new way to get rid of the fleas with an all natural herbal treatment for your pet. Coming in a […]