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Power Generating Leash

Greener Dog Walks With A Greener Leash

In the world, in which everything is eco and green, carrying for your pets is also available for so called green living. Along with your aim to live a greener life, there are several companies, which offer new generation dog leashes. One of them is the brand new model for your pet, called Power Generating […]


Sadie Makes Its Breed Proud

Her name is Sadie and she is the winner of one of the most prestigious dog championships in the world- the Westminster Kennel Club competition. The Scottish terrier stole the high-lights and won the award “Best in Show” at the event. Sadie had a huge competition of 2500 candidates, which were part of the Westminster […]

The Russian Blue - Royalty Under A Velvet Coat

The Russian Blue – Royalty Under A Velvet Coat

The Russian Blues have a calm temper and a tender and affectionate disposition. They are active and playful but they do not like loud and abrupt noises. They are not a very persistent breed [cat breed] but tend to follow their master all over the house. It is a silent and discrete cat which usually […]

blood hounds

America’s Premier Dog Show Hosts 3 New Breeds (25 Pics)

The 134th Westminster kennel Club Dog Show makes its annual appearance at New York City.


The Litter Box And Its Dos And Don’ts

Do you wish to provide the best care for your cat? Then simply read what you should do and what you should not do, when it comes to the litter box of your kitten. First and most important is taking the cat to the vet, if you see it avoids using the litter box. Don’t […]