Westminster Kennel Club Introduces Three New Breeds

For dog lovers, there is no bigger event then Westminster Kennel Club. Their 134th world-class dog show will be presented in New York this week. Every year this turns out to be the major ceremony for the world finest dogs.

The news from this year event is good for everyone. There are three new breeds, which will be competing with all the significant dogs for the first places of world-class pooches in Westminster Kennel Club show.

The new breeds includes Irish red and white setter with the name “Alchemy from New Jersey”, which will make the debut for his own breed.

The other two new replenishments of the new breed will also enter the prestige dog show for the first time.

Pyrenean shepherdThis is the Pyrenean shepherd and the Norwegian buhund, also known as herding dogs.

The Westminster Kennel Club will present 173 dogs this year, which is more than 20 years ago, when this number was 150.

Norwegian buhundIn the meantime another competition from American Kennel Club showed that Labrador retriever is again the most popular dog in U.S. Second place was taken by the German shepherd, as well as the Yorkshire terrier and the Golden retriever. The rank-list is made by the number of registrations of the breed with the club in last year.


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